Some called us gypsies, some roma, some copt, yet we have a got a single name; human. We are as much human as everyone else, maybe even than some others. We have got no deficiency compared to other people, our plus is that we do not give material value for life. We could manage to be content with who we are, but not to take advantage of people to obtain something. So where did this discrimination come from? In fact our history was not any different from the history of humanity. Whenever human started to use wide lands and to own animal herds, our fate has begun to be written. In this cast system we were the ones that were left out from richness, poor and impoverished. Since we didn’t have any land and more importantly, we did not want to die or kill for obtaining land, we were forced to have a nomadic life. We travel cities, countries, lands. As a result of these nomadic journeys, we have developed unique occupations in order to survive. But besides that, we were also hurt by nomadism. We were despised by natives and fell behind in education because we were never settled. We couldn’t keep up with the modern times. According to conducted research, we are the one with the lowest level of education among the ethnic groups living in Turkey. While our older generations had to perform nomadic professions, as the younger generations, we were left out of education. Everybody supposes Roma people love to dance and don’t even know what grief is. But in reality, it’s not like that, as I said, we are as human as everyone else. For us life is not always like nine-eight measure, sometimes it’s full of grief, sometimes it’s full of pain. We have achieved to live with economic difficulties that are not seen in any society and find a remedy for all challenges after all. Detergent worth 1 lira, open cigarette packs, sugar and tea in a cone are sold only in our grocery stores. We have to live without knowing what will happen tomorrow. it’s not obligatory to buy a full package margarine, we can also buy half a pack. Perhaps the most important reason that made us different is the ability to divide this grief and poverty into two equal parts and to accept living with this and even more importantly to learn not to question our fate.