We live in Örnekköy neighborhood of Karşıyaka. We are Roma. We have grown up without education, with unemployment, with poverty. Some of us have had regular jobs, and some of us have earned the bread on a daily basis. Neverthless we grew up somehow. Now we are looking at our chidren and there is no different way for them. Again and again no education, unemployment and poverty. They go to school, their parents can’t help their homeworks, because they don’t know how to. They work at seasonal jobs, not being able to go to school, they obtain bad grades. School is difficult anyways because they are different from other children. When they drop out of school, they acquire addiction or end up in a relationship at an early age. Either possibilities get them in jail somehow. As a result of children having their own children, a new generation grows up with no education, no diploma, and no occupation. We thought we could do something to break this cycle. As the youth of neighborhood, we came together and established our association: me (Emin), Aşkın (Güçin), Bülent (Demirkıran), Cemil (Yüm), Emrah (Tasun), Ferdi (Kızılaslan), Volkan (Demirdöven).